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12th Annual Red Rocks Art Experience
Mogan Steele RIP
New Year's Incident
Grateful Reflections
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An Amazing Summer!
This summerís Dead shows motivated both Scramble Campbell & Richard Biffle. Bonnaroo II inspired Scramble to invite R. Biffle to play the paintbrush with him on the canvas. The artwork speaks for itself. The true love of the music and the passion of both artists combined on the same canvas fills your eyes with joy. Just like the bands jamming on stage, these two artists truly let the nature of what they do shine. Later in the summer, R. Biffle joined up with the Dead Tour at Red Rocks in Colorado. He invited Scramble and the next collaboration was created at the show. The rest is history. These paintings are an inspiration. To watch these two men produce the same feelings and awe that I felt at the show was truly captivating.
Dead Rocks
The Dead